Sweet Home Chicago---Fave Spots

Peter Gunn Theme: BLUES BROTHERS

The florist at the train station
makes the whole area smell like roses & lilies.
Plus, fabulous displays & major eye candy 24/7.

MMM. Garrett's popcorn. Nothing like it anywhere else. 

Any fan of older SNL episodes knows the cheezborgor & pepsi
John Belushi skits....all based on the experience
at the Billy Goat. It's a must see, whether you think it's the 
best cheeseburger around or not. 
We love it!
Gino's East. Best pizza around....I'm a thin crust girl, so if you love your deep dish, I haven't tried it here. They now offer gf pizzas with limited toppings. If you're up for anything, must try the extra cheese & bacon.

 The street performers are fantastic on the weekends. We saw a disco puppet show (pic above), a group of talented drummers, the silver dancer on a boom box and an amazing singer, too. Awesome!

Just one more photo to finish off our grand tour, coming soon.

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  1. Here I am!!! On your blog!!! Oh how I love fabric too!!!
    Did you look at more then one page of my blog??
    I have been blogging for 3 years and am very addicted to blogging and the computer. I have only had a computer for 3 years. Before that I had never had any exposure to them at all.
    I am going to look around your blog!!!
    xx, Fern


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