Monday's Sew-In

 Red and White fabric ROCKS! 

Mug Rug #2 is almost too cute to part with...

 In my spare time I played with mini blocks and made a few ornaments.

My plan is to use the ornaments as gift tags this year. 

Mark another 5 dozen cookies, another pan of granola, and 2 French loaves off the list, too! The apron I gifted myself sure came in handy today. lol

Ahh. Home, Sweet Home.

Happy Stitching,


Mug Rug #1

Have you heard of the mug rug? Back in November I remember seeing them on Sew I Quilt and thought at the time what a quick little whip up that would make for Christmas gifts.

Flash forward a month and I hear the tick tock of the countdown going on....and made my first mug rug today thanks to the admittedly obsessed Madame Samm who has since made some that will surely inspire you to give it a go.

Now I need to finish baking all the cookies that will accompany my mug rug gifts. 

That's a lot of space for just a coffee or tea, right? 

Healthy banana is fine for the pic, but really---isn't it crying out for a nice sampler of Russian Tea Cakes, chocolate chip cookies, my special sugar cookies, a Rob Roy Oatmeal Raisin or two...? 

Happy Baking!