Applique the Color of Sunshine

I love spring. 
It's amazing what a little sunshine does for the spirit! 
The applique blocks came together quickly. 
I'm prepping more applique this week because 
I've finished all my take along blocks----don't you love it when that happens?


Week 10 Blocks and My Applique Tutorials

The blues are done for this week & I have 2 yellows to add when I get some applique time later today...or at least, that's the plan. A couple of people on the board asked me to do a tutorial on applique points & sweeping the seam allowance at the tip under the piece. I was happy to do so. 

A big thanks to my photographer sweetheart for all the help.

*FYI: I prefer not to work with tiny applique pins and I generally use the back basting/needleturn techniques but for quick illustration whipped out the freezer paper & flower head pins.*

Edit March 2012: You can find the tutorials by clicking the tab 'Applique Tutorials' at the top of the RF homepage. 
Thank you.