Catching Up

Lancaster County III by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers
 It's been a long couple of weeks.
I won a stack of fabrics from the Wandering Stars Blog and a great pattern, too. Selina & Lizze of W.S. host a great cyber gathering on Friday evenings. You can catch the conversation on Twitter, hashtag #gdas. Hope you'll join in the fun discussions about favorite music, links and sewing related topics.
They're not just bloggers, but Etsy Shop owners, too. Find them at http://thewanderingstars.etsy.com/, on Twitter @ws_on_etsy and Facebook as Wandering Stars. Thanks again, girls for the goodies & Friday sewing parties!!

 So....here's my latest distraction. It's for RSVP's biggest fundraiser and I'm hoping an awesome car collector or sweet gear head bids on it.
What a fantastic gift it will make!
This is just one of the designs.
Each block is hand embroidered. Yes, HAND embroidered.
My block took 88.75 hours to complete. whew.
Don't laugh. I haven't embroidered since I was 10..I tried!

1967 Toyota 2000GT

Woo HOO! Fun mail included selvages this week!!!
Special thanks to the senders.

Happy Stitching,