Chocolate Macadamia Goodness


Years (GEEZ time flies!) Decades ago, our neighbor needed assistance 
caring for peonies that surrounded her back patio. 
Her name was Tave and she always kept some of these decadent cookies 
in her freezer----white chocolate macadamia. Mmmm.

She liked to take a few out of a pretty little tin before 
we watered, weeded and chatted. 

By the time we were done, the cookies were ready to devour. 
I truly think she looked forward to cookies more than I did!

Not  long ago, I happened to pick up some macadamia nuts 
at Costco and still had half of a bag left when I remembered 
Tave's favorite treats. How hard could it be to whip some of her cookies up?
It turns out they're very easy to make. 
The recipe I used made nearly 3 dozen. 
2 dozen were immediately popped into the deep freezer for another time.

I found a recipe (and the gorgeous blog, the Noble Pig) thanks to Pinterest 
and whipped some up tonight. I tend to make larger cookies than average, 
so I did bake ours for 15 minutes at 325, 
but that was the only change required for my oven 
and they were still soft & moist.

You can find the fabulous Noble Pig Blog & this amazing recipe here. 
If you're on Pinterest and would like to see what I've been up to, 
feel free to check my pins out here.

Best Wishes,