Fabric SHOPPING Spree!

The hubs took me on  road trip for a little day away----to 2 quilt shops! I know. I tell him all the time he's the best! You're not going to believe the treasures I found. If you're into 30s and NOT shopping at Ericas, what are you doing? They have other great stuff, too but you know I'm completely obsessed with repros.

I found some YLI silk thread. I'll give it a whirl on the next applique block and give you my opinion. Not to worry, I think I have one scheduled for the begining of the week, so it shouldn't be a long wait. For now, you can check out the latest fabrics that will make their way into JANE.


Week 12---Passed the 40 Mark

I'm thrilled to say I passed the 40th block this week!
Number of completed blocks: 44, Pieces: 957.
I also heard some news...the Dear Jane book is on the way to the house,
signed by the author! Special thanks for the early B-day present.

This year, I'm turning 40 and wanted to give myself a precious gift: time.
I've made so little time for myself for so long. I really wasn't sure what 
to do with it until I found this project. I feel refreshed & myself again.
*BONUS* I get a gorgeous quilt, too!
What could be better?
All my best,