Stash Project & Small JANE Update

This was another week of appliqué, thanks to take along projects. I’ve had virtually no time in my sewing room that wasn’t completely dedicated to alterations or laundry this week. Thanks to some amazing inspiration over at Stash Manicure, I did manage to make over some of my sewing room (in my head) and come up with one quick little fun project.

I had a lovely piece of white with yellow polka dots----shhh, it’s poly blend….no one will ever know. It was a freebie and I rarely say no to the free stuff. Who am I kidding? I never say no. Polka dots are timeless but it might just miss that RETRO spin without a traditional block; Dresden it is….giant for that oversized, current, big block vibe…oooh, and I had a stack of black and white fat quarters just waiting for the perfect project. Add in some tiny black and white polka dots for the binding and a piece of cutesy roses for the backing and Viola! Everything is from the stash except the batting.

It’s a topper for a small apartment table with multiple uses.

I cut off a chunk of the Pellon Legacy Batting pack for this one and had a great time....though I am feeling a tiny bit guilty that it's not a bigger project made of *hexagons*.  What can I do? There's not enough time to get everything done anymore...so it waits anxiously in the corner of the sewing room.

I love the texture of the batting and the drape. Other brands I’ve used have fold marks in them that are so deep, I never think they’ll come out and always worry that my material will bunch up with the folds….NOT this one: straight out of the package, taped over the backing to the floor, smooth as silk. I even re-adjusted my tape to see what would happen----no distortion---YAY! I pin basted without a problem even though my pins have seen better days. Just so you know, you can wash the batting first if you want to avoid shrinkage…I think the package said up to 3%.

I thought it was easy to machine quilt even though my machine quilting leaves something to be desired….I’m much more of a hand quilter but in a pinch, I practice. I’m very happy with this batting and will be purchasing again. I’m so glad I gave it a try. When I attached the binding, the needle and thread were very easy to feel through all those layers....I'm not sure if that's the product itself, my appliqué skills kicking in or a combination of both on a good day. In any case, easy peasy as munchkin would say.

Here’s hoping we all get a bit of sewing done this week! =) I’ve not given up on Jane, we just needed our space this week, I suppose.

All my best!

Happy Quilting,