Wk 10 Blocks

YAY Applique!! What a fun week. Even though I was terribly busy and running all around town, I managed to complete the following blocks this week: re-do of I-11 in the lower left hand corner---you'll remember this one was part of my initial 25. Unfortunately, I appliqued prior to traditional piecing the first and the center square did not turn out. This time, I paper pieced then appliqued the diamonds...much better! The upper right block had to be cut on the straight of grain to follow the stripes, which makes for more difficult applique but not so difficult to make me re-do it. The blocks came together quickly so I expect to get some midget blocks completed for the exchanges coming up....Below you'll find some of the red/white/blue fabrics I've been sorting for the 30s repro minis.
Happy Quilting!!