OK, so I flipped through the Farmer's Wife Book this afternoon,
thinking I'd better get some fabrics ready to go for another block
someday---When the 
Century of Progress Block caught my eye. 

I was explaining fussy cutting to munchkin & I thought why not show you 
instead of trying to explain it...
 we also talked about adjusting patterns so the pieces in the center 
were combined to make the corners of the inner square larger, 
decreasing bulk in the center. 

You can do THAT? 
Oh, yes, you can!



Vacation Spot Surprise

                                     Mr. Fabulous is one smart cookie.

Before heading out to the beach our very first day away, he drove us straight to a little quilt shop & watched the munchkins for me while I took a quick look around. Of course, I found a few goodies including these Aunt Grace 30s reproductions.

THAT'S the way to a quilter's heart, isn't it? Surprise Fabric Shopping!!

 I found a couple black and whites for
RSVP blocks, some red just because & some blue with white polka dots possibly for the Farmer's Wife Quilt....we shall see....but I rarely say no to polka dots.

PIECE, Love & Fabric Shopping!


A Few Days at the Beach

Spring break sunshine made beachcombers out of us at a barrier island. 
We played in the sand, found seashells and relaxed, just enjoying each other's company.

We picked up several bags of shells and a little sand, too. I found a few gorgeous shells that were occupied, so we gently returned them to the sea. 
For now, I've placed the seashells in glass vases...
until we find some containers with lids that I can seal.
I love sand at the beach but not so much in the carpet.
I hope you're able to take some time to enjoy life with your loved ones.
Happy Easter from our family to yours.