Back to JANE!

Finally---back on track and working on Dear Jane blocks again. It's amazing how many you can complete when you are able to sit at your machine in uninterrupted total silence. Well, as silent as a laundry room can get with Boston's Greatest Hits blaring in the background and the washing machine going.

I'm so glad I saved some easy-peasy blocks in case I found myself behind schedule. The piecing of L-12 is done, it's just waiting on the 4 tiny appliques for the corners. Not too shabby for an afternoon of sewing.



RSVP Block 3

*8 pointed star*

Today's block for RSVP went quicker than expected. I like this one so much I may do a whole top of stars!

When I find nice tonal batiks I love to add them to the stash in small amounts....a fat quarter here, a half yard there and I mix them with traditional prints when I feel like it.

No rules. Quilt Fearlessly!

Happy Quilting,


Mail Call

You know I love fun mail...who doesn't?
This week I was REALLY surprised by a large goodie box filled with

VINTAGE 30s fabrics...lots and lots of them! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

A big shoutout to Applique Addict. If you've not found this site in bloggerville, please make the time to check it out. You'll find a Joseph's Coat quilt that is incredible, a wonderful state block quilt (and if you're from the states, stop by to see if your state is taken yet), enthusiasm for applique, projects galore and a super blogger, too!

Mom stopped by with some of Great Grandma Gladys' stash for me this weekend. I'm basking in vintage 30s fabrics this week and making plans....oh, yes. Big plans!
Now, if only I could find some time, we'd be in business.
NEW pincushion with a tiny Ball jar for the base...sew cute.
Happy Fabric Collecting, Quilting, Sewing & Project Planning, Fabulous Readers!!

Best Wishes for a wonderful week,


Clip art courtesy of Dawn's Quilting Clip Art

Do you adore the minis, love the midget blocks, follow Gay's adventures at Sentimental Stitches??

I checked in a couple weeks ago and thought I found some NEW BLOCKS. I've been a bit distracted lately, so I didn't get it posted right away...but I had good intentions, so bear with me. Last night, I stopped by to see how many I'd need to print to keep my little pile of goodies up to date and found a retirement announcement. Not to worry, Gay's not going anywhere. But, the first 55 blocks will be unavailable after this month!

Hop to it if you've not printed the first 55 or if you've skipped a couple, I wouldn't want you missing out down the road.

Happy Printing!!



RSVP Block 2

EQ Block: Weathervane

As you can imagine, the final week of summer break has left me with very little time. I completed another RSVP block and cut most of an applique block out. However, the applique background fabric doesn't work for me and I haven't found the time to get over to the quilt shop yet. I probably won't get to it this week, but will have to make time soon so I can back to my Baby Jane.

Speaking of Jane, 30s goodies arrived this week! I heart fun mail!! Thank you so much!

Why is it when you're pressed for time, you have machine issues? It's been a while since I've had it in for maintenance and I have been overdoing it a bit lately...if I can just hold off until I get the main blocks done, I'll be happy. Thank goodness the old White is here on standby.

We've been getting reacquainted today.

Happy Quilting,


PS I just saw a post about a lovely (I'm guessing 30s) quilt on Cumberland Island Quilt Chick with printed linen in it. I just received some this past weekend from my great grandmother's stash via mom. Thought you might like to take a little peek at vintage printed linen. GORGEOUS!----and, they're in pink and green, so you know I'm thrilled.