Sunshine, Strawberries & 30s Prints

Strawberries galore in the garden! I love this time of year. The strawberry pie is chilling in the fridge, kids have been munching on some fresh, organic berries and I'm taking in some free time. 

On the trip to Erica's, I found a few magazines must haves and a beautiful book by Cynthia Tomaszewski called "quilting those FLIRTY '30s". It has some wonderfully whimsical applique flowers, lovely 1930s reproduction prints and a quilt I'm convinced will be perfect made of scraps from Dear Jane. It also has some cookie recipes! 

No, you haven't missed any DJ posts, she's still not together. Our schedules have not allowed much time in the sewing room as of late. I have mending projects piled up and plenty keeping me busy. 

 Happy Quilting & Gardening,