Just Two: Pink and Blue

We're adjusting to summer schedule around here....and the lazy days of summer, I guess. Ha ha ha. M-4 looks like a little bugger but both went quite smoothly. Stepping Stones is just a matter of piecing in sections with wonderful sunny breaks in between.

The photos are still looking a bit wonky but I've not been doing a final press on the latest ones. Speaking of the iron....I forgot all about updating after the initial iron meltdown. My DH and MIL found a steal on a Rowenta Pro Master so no more of those nasty brown streaks to deal with. It's been plugging along for quite a while and I have NO complaints, despite the fact that I'm a little particular about my irons. (Yes, I am being kind).

This week I'll be tidying the sewing room, making another dog bed (oh, joy) and prepping some fabric for a swap. Have a wonderful week, fabulous readers!!