More Than a Minute, I Suppose...

A few more bits of the Aneela Hoey are arriving, slowly but surely. I can't wait to add this to the modern fabric section! Fussy cut goodness just waiting to be added to...honestly, I'm not sure yet. You may remember an old post about modern fabric goodness and some hexies. A spare bit was used for a Farmer's Wife block but munchkin claimed it immediately...
and who could blame her---there's a pink hedgehog in it, after all.
Piece & Fussy Cut Goodness,


Momma Goes Modern for a Minute

Did I really say it was impossible to find Aneela Hoey fabrics? Fun mail arrived all at once from various corners of the world today...ok, there are still a couple packages en route but we'll keep that between us. There's even a tiny bit of Sherbet Pips coming soon----oooh yes, happy dancing! For the fussy cutters among us, this is a truly spectacular find. Meanwhile, the Heather Ross is on hold until I snatch up a couple more pieces of this incredibly difficult to find fabric. Her 20th anniversary collection is due out any moment and the refresh button is getting a workout since it was coming out "mid month". 

I'm pleased to report there are some amazing 30s reproductions still available but it requires a little digging. Twiddletails is probably the best source I've found so far other than the Fat Quarter Shop and Grandma's Attic Quilting. The local shop is back open, it's not terribly close but they may get a visit in a week or two, as well. Also, if you love Judie Rothermel's beautiful prints as much as I do, her shop is located in Ohio and it's called the Schoolhouse Quilt Shoppe. It's fantastic!

Happy Fussy Cutting & Fabric Hunting!
Piece, Heather


Over the Rainbow Jane (and IZ)

I've been spending some time thinking about the sunshine and the Over the Rainbow Jane but that's as far as it's gone. At least there's some good tunes to go with it. This is the last week for homework to be turned in (ish) so next week is grading and the very long year will finally be finished.
I am ready for summer break, even though the pool won't open until at least 7/4 this year.