New Stash & Flowers, too!

Thursday, I had the opportunity to take a little road trip and came across some fabrics that needed a new home.

*It never hurts to feed the stash.*
 I must LOVE the solid blue Kona...it's the third time
I've bought the same hue 'just because'.

It's official. Spring has sprung when daffodils & violets are in bloom.  =)
 I've been playing out in the yard and working on a bit of applique that hopefully will be unveiled this weekend {knock on wood}. I'll give you a hint...
first tulip of the season!!
it has everything to do with one of my non-sewing obsessions.

Happy Stitching,


MMMM Tres Leche!

My friend, Kelly needed a little encouragement to bake her
husband's favorite cake for his birthday.
looks incredible & smells DIVINE, too.

I made her take it home overnight before frosting it with the
homemade whipped cream topping so we weren't tempted to
eat the whole thing have a tiny taste test.

If you'd like to bake one up, be sure to click on
Alton's name for the link.

'good eats' indeed.



Corner Kite #1 & Flowers

The first kite is done.
I have not pressed it since I've yet to make my kite template
but couldn't wait to share it.

Both my great grandparents were fantastic gardeners.

They shared their talents with anyone willing to give a hand
{even a tiny set of hands that probably made more work for them!}.

Dividing plants and transplanting to this day still reminds me of my
great grandpa Eddie.

Happy Stitching Everyone!
You can bet I'm out in the garden today----it's in the 80s here & sunny.