Pincushion Fun

I whipped up a pincushion for the sewing room refresh and managed to pick up a big bag of crushed walnuts at PetCo for $2.10 USD on clearance. Those of you lucky enough to have one nearby, make sure you go into the store because order online and curbside pick up listed it at $12.99, still less than some of the other pet supply shops nearby. I'll gladly keep $11 to wait in line a couple of minutes, wouldn't you? Crushed walnut bags are sold as reptile bedding if you aren't lucky enough to have one in your neighborhood.

I had bits of mask scraps in cute polka dot fabrics and didn't want to throw them in the scraps bin just yet. The teal came from an online scrap set and I've been eyeing it for a couple of days. Additionally, some of the Wonder Clips needed a home but I didn't want them flopping around from the weight. This appears to keep them in check. All in all, it was a quick whip up considering I had no pattern/directions.

The new phone takes some pretty good quality photos. Thank you for the terrific and unexpected gift!! ♡


Oooops, I Forgot One!

I'm not sure how I managed to miss the Hello Petal couple of fabrics but I also came across some Foxglove today and snatched it right up. Yardage is so difficult to find in these fabrics since they're so popular...half yards are as good as it's going to get until the next line comes out. The poor letter carrier has just about had it with me lately, as you can imagine.

I had to resubmit some grades today and did not get into the sewing room as a result. Every change at the district level has another set of changes at the university...and so, tomorrow (fingers crossed) should be my last day besides the classroom clean out at the end of the month. The hope is to get into the sewing room by Friday at the latest and I cannot wait!!
All my best,


💖 It's an Aneela Hoey Kinda Day! 💖


Some of the long awaited Aneela Hoey fabrics and a very special book arrived today, joining the Stay Gold, Walk in the Woods, and Hello Petal goodies. 

The girl on a swing has a special place in my heart from her Sherbet Pips line. Munchkin was a little tiny helper when I found my first piece. She loved the pink hedgehogs included and I was thrilled with her attention to detail. All of this amazing designer's fabrics are fantastic for fussy cutters.

The doggies were a lucky find, all 3 backgrounds in one spot. There's some serious yardage in the spool print and I have some plans for those brewing, just a few more supplies needed before I put those to good use. The fabrics from the Little Apples line and possibly even some girl on a swing fabric will also come in to play. YAY!