3 Triangles Today & Debi's Blocks

TR 1, BR 13, BR 12

Today was a great day for sewing.

Adding BR12 & 13 to the finished pile as well as TR1.

The triangles for the bottom row are finished.

That's a good feeling!

This afternoon, I made fabric choices for the top row triangles

& caught up with an old friend.

Debi B (aka Quiltinggirl)'s blocks for RSVP
look to be a fun variation of the Ohio Star.

If you'd like a copy of the instructions for Debi's block, called Sunrise Star, you'll find it here.
For a traditional Ohio Star, please click here. 
Thank you, Debi!

A bit of black and white fabric arrived today {I love fun mail}.

It has me thinking of yet another black & white block.

All in all, a wonderful day.

I hope yours was just as fabulous.

Best Wishes,


We All Sew's Fave List

What a wonderful surprise!

We All Sew, sponsored by Bernina added the RETRO-Fabulous Blog
to this week's favorite bloggers.

Be sure to stop by and take a tour.

Their Sew to Serve list is a one stop shop
for some of the best quilting/sewing charities online. 

There's a freebie list, facebook faves & twitter feeds to check out, too.

Thank you, WeAllSew.com
and for those of us that tweet, follow @WeAllSew

All my best,


Two Triangles Today

BR10 & 11
It's SO nice to have two more completed triangles 
added to the mix.

I'm keeping busy in the sewing room as our temperatures
dip down below zero. The windchill is supposed to be
about 30 degrees below zero by morning.

BRRR! Perfect weather for some serious sewing.



A Return to Jane

BR9 was completed this evening &
I couldn't wait to post a picture.
Happy Quilting,


Super SEW Sunday

Poor neglected Jane.

I finished the blocks back in September...some of you will, no doubt remember the post-a-day Block Blitz that ended on my 40th birthday.

Afterwards, I completed a few triangles but have not given my Over the Rainbow 30s Jane much thought since.

Today, I set aside the black and white RSVP blocks
(after whipping up just one more) and re-organized some 30s reproductions.

You know what that means.

It won't be long now.

Happy Super SEW Sunday!
{like I'd say Super Bowl! Good one. lol}