Yummy KONA Yardage

Robert Kaufman Kona Cottons....perfect for an upcoming project.
 I bought a little extra for the stash...ok, quite a bit but you can never have enough.
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Redrafts, Piecing & Applique Fun

'Soulard' fleur-de-lis variation
My very first applique block for RSVP is done and on it's way to the volunteers. I could not find a pattern that fit the black & white theme but kept coming back to a fleur-de-lis. After seeing a couple versions in the recently purchased Circuit Riders Quilt Book, I simplified the design, widening the ring in the process.

The white is Robert Kaufman Kona cotton and the background is from Blank Quilting, purchased at our local quilt shop in Valparaiso called Needle & Thread.

Spiderweb or Kaleidoscope

Bloggers' Block-A-Palooza #3, Shoefly Geese
Free Pattern available: HERE

Wild Goose Chase Free Pattern at Jinny Beyer's site
Redrafted Fancy Dresden Plate also known as Dresden China Plate, Aster & Friendship Ring

Originally, I saw a 20 petal 'Dresden Plate' pattern in Better Homes and Gardens' 1977 hardcover edition of Patchwork and Quilting. The pattern called for 14 1/2 inch background fabric and I had to get it to 12" finished block to meet the charity quilt criteria, so I eliminated several petals on the redraft.

You may remember I also purchased the Fancy to Frugal Book of 30s Patterns not long ago. 'Fancy Dish' is on the cover but calls for 17" blocks (and 20 petals, also)....I rarely go larger than 12" blocks these days, though I did find the additional petals look really pretty in various colors.

Talking about the variations of the Dresden online recently, I came across a wonderful quilter named Sue whose family was from Kansas. She was kind enough to share family photos from a vintage Fancy Dresden circa 1930s and other quilts made from the 30s to the 50s.

 Isn't this a treasure?
Thank you again, Sue for kindly sharing photos and allowing me to post them here.

Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,