75th Block Complete!

These are some wonky photos, so sorry but the battery needs to be replaced in the camera.

This week was a mixed bag of applique, piecing, and combination blocks. I have a few more printed off with fabrics already picked out.
For those of you in the know, 75 is the diamond level. I'm so excited to be there, still motivated to continue. Here's hoping you're having a wonderful week and that you, too will have some quilting time.
Happy Quilting!


Just 100 Blocks Remaining

There are 13 tiny pieces in the center block of B-10.
Taking seam allowance into account, it's roughly the size of a quarter!
That's pretty small.
The total pieces: 29.

*Just a little frame of reference for those of you who have not yet attempted a JANE.*

I'm happy to report that I've just completed the first 69 blocks (1439 pieces) and have 100 blocks remaining.
Who knows? I may get ALL of them done before my birthday.
THAT would be truly amazing.

Happy Quilting!!