Card Tutorial, Selvages & Volunteering

Hello Fabulous Readers!! What a wonderful week of rest and relaxation.

I said no sewing on my blogland vacation, but you know that I can't stay away from the sewing machine for long....so I made a skirt one afternoon, repaired some hexagon blocks and even finished one off---shelved far too long, I'm so glad to be dusting this project off.

Thanks to Stefanie's site, Little Lady Patchwork: Where Modern Meets Traditional, I made the cutest cards ever. I don't know if you missed my twitter update, but her tute is awesome & is featured at the Moda Bakeshop, too. Do check her tutorial out if you haven't already but be prepared---it's hard to part with these supercute notecards!

WOOHOO! A goodie bag FULL of selvages arrived in the mail at the end of last week. Special thanks for the awesome selections, Marla!! I love fun mail...don't you?

*While this has been a lengthy post, please indulge me for just a bit longer.*

I've recently recieved a request from a loyal reader & virtual bee friend for children's prints and bright fabrics for quilts given to hospitalized kids in Lawrence, Kansas, U.S. In the past, I've sent completed quilts to QuiltsForKids but as you know, I've been a bit preoccupied with Jane as of late. A fabric donation to a group of enthusiastic quilters on a mission is just the thing when there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the good you'd like.

As some of you are aware, I collect fabric & notions for my favorite senior center: RSVP. Retired Senior Volunteer Program is an incredible place where seniors can hang out, quilt together, develop lasting friendships, take classes, find individualized volunteer opportunities, help run their community food bank & perform all types of outreach...bascially, they make the town better in so many ways I am probably not even aware of everything this organization does.  

RSVP has agencies all over the U.S. but this one is so special to me because the staff and volunteers teach sewing classes for children and inspire newbie quilters regularly (including me, not too long ago!) in addition to all their other good deeds. With more collective experience than I've found anywhere else, these generous quilters share their knowledge all the time. Fabric and notions are always greatly appreciated.

This fall, RSVP will host a block collection of 12" finished (12 1/2" unfinished) fall themed/colored pieced, appliqued, and combination quilt blocks in your choice of patterns. You may donate as many as you wish. Blocks chosen for their annual quilt fundraiser will appear in the 2011 handquilted masterpiece. The remaining blocks will be utilized by volunteers in lap quilts for the elderly.

 If these organizations appeal to you, please email me for details at heatherl02 at yahoo dot com...that's a zero-two.

Thank you.

I hope to have some Jane blocks to post soon, now that I'm on the last sixty-nine!!

All my best & Happy Quilting,