Spring is in the Air

It's unbelievable in this area to see a monarch butterfly March 20th.
But I did this year
and I've seen some smaller butterflies
over the past couple days.

Flowers and ground cover, hostas and violets are opening en masse...
it's like nothing we've ever witnessed here.

Our snow fall for the entire 2011-2012 'winter'
was an inch LESS than just one 
day of accumulation 2010-2011.

It's been phenomenal!

It's no wonder the sewing isn't getting done.

Tip toe through the tulips
Happy Dancing,


Feed the Stash

Some sweet 30s reproductions to add to the stash.
Cute, right? 
I'm looking forward to getting back to a bit of piecing shortly.

Have a wonderful day,


chick, chick, pastel chicken fabrics

Special thanks to Colleen of Lucky Duck Dreams for
reading the 'Which Came First?' post & answering my plea. 

Funny how things work out that way.

Maybe my Jane timing isn't SO bad after all.
I know with the redos on the list and some bits here & there
I can find some room to work these fabrics in
 to the final design.

Happy Sewing,