Baby Quilt two

Another quick finish. 
Gotta love Eric Carle prints!



Baby Quilt

Here's what I love most about stash....
pull out a bin, cut a few strips 
& voila instant baby quilt.



Winter Bird Treats

Finally, a bit of snow arrived
& the kiddos couldn't have been happier about it. 
Our birds could use a little sweet boost while we
wait for official spring, so we found a cold weather 
crafty bird feeder to make with the munchkins here.

Since we're in a suburb of the "windy city", I decided to make 
ours a bit more stable (and cuter, too!) by using ribbon & four holes.

Looping double length pieces of ribbon placed from the outside of the fruit, 
they gently rock on the windiest of days.

We chose not to place them in the backyard
since we wanted to add raisins for our feathered friends
 and we have a precious dog. 

*If you have a dog, please eliminate raisins
in your feeders or hang them away from your pets' space.
Raisins (grapes) are toxic to doggies.*

Happy Crafting
{and bird watching}