First Applique Block

Here it is, curves and all!! It's not perfect but I'm begining to think none of these will be LOL.

I've decided to go ahead and invest in some silk thread. From what I understand, it blends the stitching in better than cotton or poly. I used the Gutermann I had on hand since it seemed like a good match for the background and this was just an experiment. I'll count it as done for now but may re-do when I get some more practice in.

Lesson for today: Life is short----GO FOR IT! 
Needle turn was NOT as hard as everyone told me it would be. 

It's about time we quilt fearlessly!
Happy Quilting

First Needle Turn Applique-----EVER

Well, I figured I'd be whipping this little block right up, no problem with gorgeous photos to boot. Not so much. I did complete half the block after having way too much caffeine late in the evening. A little advice from a novice:

A) Do not drink caffeine before attempting, especially if it is after 1 am (not a typo) and you have an unsteady hand when you're non-caffeinated.

B) If you are mid-winter and prone to dry skin, do yourself a favor and moisturize a good week or two before begining...vaseline coated hands wrapped in gloves sound like a perfect solution to some seriously chapped hands in this sleep deprived state.

C) Try to use a good light source. If your definition of a good light source is a bedside lamp with the wattage equivalent to that of a night light, wait until daybreak.

D) If you have a month or two before you plan to applique, do your best to grow some fingernails and practice pinching...hard. I think I need to practice the pinching...anyone?? LOL

It's getting done and I expect after a nice nap, I'll complete this little bugger. I'll take pix and post ASAP.
Happy Quilting!!


Week 4 Blocks Part II

Everything happens for a reason! The second time around, the eye block was MUCH easier. WHEW.