Oh, what a week! My AccuQuilt GO! arrived Monday and I have been cutting strips daily. It's SO easy to use. I've been going though some larger 30s scraps from my DJ blocks and making them into various lengths of 2.5" strips for Stefanie Roman's cards----oh, yes, I'm still happily churning those out regularly.

The latest version mailed out this week.

In other news, my SEW LA fabric and Sew Retro book arrived yesterday afternoon. I couldn't wait to dig in and have already made 4 headbands from the book in just about no time. No doubt I'll add other projects to my wardrobe before long. They're super cute, EASY and make me want an entire collection for daily wear. I'm not alone...gift requests are coming in already. 

While I haven't had the time to read the book cover to cover yet, I will definitely do so this weekend and get back with you all.

Inspired by my recent good luck, I've decided to start a tutorial page for the blog. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks as it is a work in progress.

You can take a closer look at the fabric fabulousness from SEW LA below. All my pictures should enlarge if you click on them...at least, that's the plan. Please let me know if you ever have difficulty viewing anything.

Happy Retro Sewing!!


I'm a Guest Blogger!

*DISCLAIMER: Please note I was not yet dressing myself when this photo was taken and certainly cannot be held responsible for the anti-cool bootleg Raggedy Ann-ish design. Unlike the children of today, the 70s bowed to virtually no whims of a child, especially when it came to fashion sense. Thus, this is a tragedy of motherly proportion. See above photo for crystal clear proof, noting I lovingly cropped mom out.*
The sole DJ block for the week, K-4

It's true, I'm guest blogging! Earlier this week, I did some digging to find out more about the known quilters in our family and it turns out there are several. The person I found most fitting to share my very first guest post with had to be my Great Grandmother. I have some new to me items from her stash and a rush of wonderful memories.

Given my Great Grandmother is the driving force behind my Baby Jane, I probably should have whipped up a few blocks for the occasion...not so much this week. It happens. 

The fabric reminds me of hours of carefree play at her home, where I felt truly cherished. Each time I passed "the Windmill" (Bevo Mill), I knew it was going to be a good day with grandma. She taught me about yard goods, linens and glassware. My great grandfather spent his time passing on his passion for gardening & puzzles. I played with antique toys, learned to appreciate nature & fell madly in love with the tiny feather tree ornaments positioned in the front window each December.