30s Fabrics Galore!

The sets of strips and 2" charms were also from my little Etsy spree at LancTradFabrics. As Pip suggested, the Fat Quarter Shop has some beautiful prints but I ordered a while ago and still haven't received anything. Several businesses have delayed shipping right now due to high internet orders and low stock since the shut downs for COVID-19. Our state opened more shops but not all the counties in the state were included in the plan. The county of my school district is supposed to reopen next week if numbers of newly infected cases stabilize but schools cannot reopen for classes until at least June 30 regardless of the numbers.

The moving of classes and all the hands on demonstrations that usually take place this time of year to the online environment has been challenging, to say the least. For those of you assisting your children at home with assignments, I know it has been a next level experience, thank you for your patience and grace as we muddle through this difficult time. For those of you teaching (and some of us also helping your kiddos) we're in this together, hang in there...May won't feel as long as April, my friends.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, thank you for sharing your passions no matter how wide the audience. Whether you teach individuals as a volunteer or you create private lessons for a little pocket money, videotape your lessons for artisans to share freely, if you formally teach Pre-K through university courses, thank you for all you do to share your knowledge and ignite the fires of imagination and intellect for generations. You ROCK and this is your week!


A Little Etsy Shopping Spree

A little Etsy shopping goes a long way! Thrilled to see more black and red 30s prints in the mix. The lovely fat eighth bundles are courtesy of LancTradFabrics (Lancaster Traditional Fabrics) on Etsy. I don't know about you, but these darker hues have really grown on me lately. I still love all the pastels, for sure, but it's nice to have a larger range of colors.

I'm on the hunt for more red, white & blue 30s prints for an upcoming project....a fabulous excuse to continue shopping when the mood strikes, don't you think?

More goodies were in the box, but I'm still working on photos. Ooooooh I miss 30s fabrics!
Hopefully, I can get a little time in the sewing room this evening or sometime this week (fingers crossed). It's been incredibly busy lately as I have a couple guys feeling under the weather. I hope that you're having a wonderful day.