Feeling Festive

The cookies are baking, decorations are up & the shopping is almost done. Handmade goodies bring out the procrastinator in me, so we'll see how the plans go this year.

Christmas favorites are playing on the computer, thanks to the fantastic free site, GROOVESHARK...love it! But if you're new to the site, be sure you check your play list before blaring it for company...

Mr. Fabulous and I were putting the tree up and a not so sweet seasonal song popped up. We were both caught off guard and glad the kids were too busy playing to notice.

A search for the word Christmas will bring up a whole list of options to pick from. 

If you'd like to limit the wackiness, be specific about the artist(s).

Choose play all and eliminate songs afterwards by clicking on the x on each album cover...it's much easier than choosing individual songs and adding them in one at a time.

I had no idea the Beach Boys did a double holiday album but do remember jamming out to Little Saint Nick as a young girl. Now that I've previewed their collection, I'll be able to save it and play for company without having to fuss with CDs or commercials on the radio.

The ornaments in the pictures (with the exception of Snow White) are Shiny Brites. I adore vintage ornaments, SO Retro & Fabulous! Snow White was a fantastic summer find...all 7 of her dwarfs joined her on the gold & cranberry tree this year.