A Farmer's Wife Block

 A bit of quick sewing after work tonight & already another block to add to the mix.
 I'm loving this sampler...it's easy peasy!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Fast, Simple Tomato Soup

Simple Tomato Soup

2 cups organic chicken broth (or veggie broth)
1 six ounce can tomato paste
Heavy Whipping Cream to taste {optional}
& preferred seasonings

Combine broth & paste in a saucepan, whisking to combine until warm.
Add seasonings (dash of pepper, sprinkle of garlic powder & 1/2 Splenda packet).
If using cream, whip to desired consistency and heat through at a low setting.

Ladle soup into your favorite bowl or mug and enjoy.

*frozen Udi's GF white bread used for sandwiches*

This recipe is gluten free, HFCS free (high fructose corn syrup), can be adapted for vegans (veggie broth & skip the cream), costs LESS than canned soup AND it tastes better, too.

Warm Wishes,

Farmer's Wife Block

The weather is cooling off as we settle into autumn. 
With a warm latte in hand {ah, caffeine!}, I managed to
  complete a little farmer's wife block this afternoon. It's called Peaceful Hours 
(#65 for those following along with the FWQAL).



It's a Beautiful Day

I have that U2 song running through my head today....
but it's true: It's a Beautiful Day.

We grilled skirt steak, played outside and basked in the sunshine. 
Off to play at the park, hoping you are having a beautiful day with your loved ones, too.

All my best,