Embroidery & 30s Finds

Thanks to Fab Mama who sent some 
stitching guide treasures!

I've been going through some of the 30s reproductions
and looking through Vintage Notions this past week, 
looking for a nice whip up.

Happy Sewing,


baby quilts

I'm playing in fabric! 

I've been rummaging though my stash to see if I could find a nice set 
of material for a baby quilt or two...
if I keep it up I might have a few piles to choose from. 

You know, it occurred to me
that if you haven't met me in real life {and maybe even if you have!},
you probably think I rarely finish ANY quilts....
most of the baby & toddler quilts I've made have been 
for charity or gifts & 
I didn't even consider taking photos. 
So going forward, I'll be sure to snap a shot and share.

I'm really looking forward to some quality time in the studio
{though we're still moving things around to make room for my Lil Miss}.
I never thought I'd actually look forward to sharing the sewing room!

Happy Quilting,


Try Try Again

The third time's the charm on the French Macarons.

This batch went so smoothly...
less cocoa than the first batch
but yummy and chocolatey &

 {yeah, you'll rarely find me saying that about anything}

When I first saw the feet forming,
I clapped my hands like a giddy school girl
and jumped around the kitchen.

Can't wait to share this batch and make another 
few dozen just for fun.

Whatever challenge awaits you,
keep at it.
It's worth trying a few times to get it right.

Best Wishes,