baby quilts

I'm playing in fabric! 

I've been rummaging though my stash to see if I could find a nice set 
of material for a baby quilt or two...
if I keep it up I might have a few piles to choose from. 

You know, it occurred to me
that if you haven't met me in real life {and maybe even if you have!},
you probably think I rarely finish ANY quilts....
most of the baby & toddler quilts I've made have been 
for charity or gifts & 
I didn't even consider taking photos. 
So going forward, I'll be sure to snap a shot and share.

I'm really looking forward to some quality time in the studio
{though we're still moving things around to make room for my Lil Miss}.
I never thought I'd actually look forward to sharing the sewing room!

Happy Quilting,

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