Grand Total: 82! Woo Hoo

My newest additions could have been pieced for you curve aficionados out there...however, as fearless as my quilting is I've yet to conquer the curve. I thought I'd be all over it right away but curve piecing these tiny blocks makes me nauseous. Since I did manage to learn a bit of applique, I skipped the curves and finished in a reasonable amount of time. I'd say quickly but I did have a big problem with the first one when it was just stitches from completion. Overtired and enthusiastic to finish a block, I clipped right through my work. It happens---just a reminder to slow down, I suppose. =)
82 blocks and counting---I like the sound of that.
Happy Quilting


Favorite Things: Silk Thread

Where oh where do you find your silk thread? I've been purchasing mine at Erica's when I visit South Bend, IN and they do have an online shop but I really enjoy being there. It's divine. Unfortunately, it is not close. I've also purchased spools at quilt shows including the Chicago Show not so long ago---pardon the Seuessian moment.

Local shops are not carrying silk thread and now that I've tried it I don't want to use anything else, hence the Favorite Things title....and the song running through my head as we speak. =)

I asked a YLI rep where I could get the best prices on their amazing silk thread. This wonderful little link to Speed Stitch (YAY!) was provided.

Happy Quilting (or should I say Shopping?!)


80 Blocks and Counting!!

The set of 75 included 2 additional blocks that I forgot to post on my tally sheet. Another 3 completed today brings me up to 80 and 1687 pieces!! 
Thank you for all your encouragement.

Happy Quilting =)

Had to pick a few irises to bring inside and hubs was kind enough to photograph for me. It won't be long and I'll have the camera going again.
Have a wonderful & pieceful week.