E-8 and THE Quilt Resources

E-8 was such a fun block! The focus fabric is a tulip one from a friend that reminds me of spring. The daffodils are just beginning to come up close to the house and it's a welcome site after a long winter. 

I planned to complete another block before posting but wanted to take a little time to answer some questions about JANE.

For those of you yet to discover the joys of a baby Jane, please click on her name to be whisked away to Brenda Papadakis' site that celebrates the world famous 1863 Jane Stickle masterpiece. I have poured over the site for a while and spent a bit of time over at "That Quilt". 

My journey began before hearing of Jane Stickle. I had only been quilting a couple of years with experience in hand quilting and some machine piecing. I found fabrics that I could not stop collecting (30s, of course) and began searching for a special quilt or two to create.

Undecided for a good year or so, I attended the International Quilt Festival-Chicago at Rosemont last April...my very first big show! It was an incredible experience that included a first encounter with baby Jane, done in 30s reproductions and it was gorgeous! I waited in line quite a while to get a closer look, snap a couple of pictures and jot down the name of the quilt that changed everything for me. I was smitten with this project from first sight and imagine many other quilters feel the same. I began thinking of Jane as a lifelong project that I might complete someday, mid-retirement perhaps, when I would have time to spend on myself.

And then I remembered there's no time like the present! I purchased the Dear Jane software by EQ and had NO clue how to use it. Luckily, tech support was most helpful. The book offers close ups of the actual blocks used, if you're looking to closely recreate the original, check out fabrics from the time period, or to get a closer look to choose techniques.

I found a group of international quilters who were interested in the same project on the quilting board. I began my journey with the group (of 77 women) and soon realized I was spending more time helping than sewing and broke out on my own. But if you need support or have a lot of questions, cyber sewing bees are helpful. Just be sure to document your process for later.

The Dear Jane site offers tips for the blocks and Anina's site "That Quilt" has some good ones, too. Just be sure to utilize them as suggestions and not instructions. Play to your strengths to avoid frustration.

Online photographs do not do the completed quilt justice. They just don't. There is a poster of the quilt available at the Bennington, VT Museum Store (and a wonderful mug, too) but I've not seen it in person. I imagine that would be the best way to see it if quilt shows near you do not feature a DJ. It would be nice to have for inspiration, too. The museum displays the original Jane Stickle masterpiece each September/October.

So...here we are at roughly scheduled week 8---I am working ahead when I can because I'm not doing the triangles for this quilt or at least, that's my plan. I don't think the triangles will be in the final design but I've learned to never say never. We'll see. Brenda's site has a triangle group and offers block of the week, free appliqué block of the month and some supportive Janiacs (the term for those obsessed with all things JANE), happy to help newbies out. I've already met some wonderful people through her site including a real sweetheart of a Goddess!

Wherever you are in your Jane journey, thank you for taking a moment to walk with me through mine. I will eventually post things non-Jane related but it probably won't be until the ground thaws. I'm a gardener in my spare time, too.

Happy Quilting!!


A Tisket, a Tasket...a finished JANE Basket

Well, another one for the completed list. I couldn't be much happier tonight! I cut the handle on the bias, so instead of matching the directional pattern for the bottom layer, I reversed it. If it bothers me, it will end up on the re-do list but it looks pretty good up close.

The pattern had very little space at the bottom of the block and this big empty background space at the top...to keep the eye moving, I moved it up just a bit (1/4 inch or so) and think that the block looks more centered. It works for me.  Have a wonderful week & cheers to finished blocks!

Happy Quilting!!