#157 Complete

I don't know how you feel about boats and tulips but I adore both, so you know I couldn't pass this windmill fabric up when I saw it. Perfect for the fussy cut pieced center, it was a pleasure to work with. May you thoroughly enjoy the process of whatever you are crafting this week.

Best Wishes,


Block Number 156


Today's block was appliqued outside in the warm sun.
Life is good.

Happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend =)


Applique, Giveaway & Block of the Day

Who doesn't love a great giveaway? Julie over at Jaybird Quilts has a fantastic giveaway going on right now. Stop what you're doing and sign up. Seriously, I'll wait.

Now that you've checked it out, be sure to stop back by her site and the RK Swatch & Stitch Blog to see details of Piece O' Cake Designs upcoming fabric release. It's delicious and I can't wait to get my hot little hands on some. I don't know how I'll be able to wait until January! I know this goes without saying, but patience is a virtue that I do not always possess.

Speaking of my impaired patience, I had an interest in needle turn applique before I began blogging and being a super busy mom, made little time for my hobbies. I've yet to take a formal quilting class.

What's a modern sewist to do? I found Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins Teach You to Applique the Piece O' Cake Way (2005 C&T Publishing) on DVD and had my own private tutors at my beckon call. There are so many tips and tricks included in the 2 1/2 hour DVD that it is well worth your time to view it on several occasions. In fact, I think I may watch it again this week just to brush up. The video was created to compliment one of the fantastic books by this pair of applique pros but is incredibly useful all on its own.

Today's block, Starburst had Y seams that I just didn't feel like doing...so I didn't. The points on the star edges are appliqued, making this yet another combination.

Happy Quilting and Best of Luck to RETRO-Fab Readers in the Giveaway!!


#154 is Another Combination

I appliqued the center portion to the background fabric since I was waiting around a good part of the morning. Then I pieced the 4 corners and put it together this afternoon. Another one that came together quickly (without curves!!). One of these days, I'll just have to try the curve master on the smaller blocks. If you have a chance to try it before me, let us know how it goes.



#153 & Importance of the Backup Plan


This went smoothly, though I chose not to try the Curve Master on it. The center pieces were appliqued and then applied to the pieced background. I have just one more pink block left in the pile! I'll have to save the rest of my pinks for the triangles.

Yes, I've decided to embark on the triangle/kite journey. Call me crazy.


FYI: Just before preparing for BLOCK BLITZ, I had some computer issues that I really didn't
 go into detail about here on the blog. After taking a little time to let it settle, I feel it's important to share the lesson so you can avoid it.

As many of you are aware, I was running the software for THE quilt out of EQ6.  I had no problem doing so for months. When I went to print the final 40 or so blocks, my DJ files in both programs became inaccessible. From what I gathered from the Electric Quilt tech department via email, this is a known EQ problem with no solution.

 Each of my blocks were color coded to match placement in my final quilt. The loss of hours of work cannot be replaced. To clarify, I can still access the original block information but all files that were tailored to my quilt are, for lack of a better word, gone.

Luckily, I am old school & drew my plans with crayons on paper or I'd still be highly upset. I couldn't be more relieved that I had a workable backup plan.

*If you do not have a saved paper copy of your quilt, please print one immediately.*

I've been using the DJ book by Brenda M. Papadakis for my blocks the past few weeks. It's nice to have the book, even if you are printing to your hearts' content. You never know when computer issues will arise---it's the nature of the beast.

Having said all this, I would still purchase the software if I had it to do over again. No doubt, I have saved time using the computer files instead of re-drafting every single block of this amazing quilt.

I recommend purchasing the templates, book & software
{if you're computer savvy & willing to run it as a totally separate program}.

All my best, RETRO-Fabulous readers!



Non-Jane Happenings

I have a few updates for those of you who enjoy a bit of news unrelated to THE quilt. I was hoping to make time to create another few blocks for RSVP but seem a little preoccupied with other *ah-hem* pressing deadlines. We shall see if I can manage to post a few more in the next couple weeks.

Pip's arrived from Australia and they are fantastic!

The volunteers are so excited to have their very first International contribution! In prior years, the farthest quilter participating in the fall fundraiser quilt was located in Alaska, US. There's quite a buzz about blocks all the way from Australia, as you can imagine.

Classes are still available if you are able to make it to Auburn, Indiana, USA. October 8 & 9. Class topics include free motion quilting, knitting, felted wool projects, locker hooking, applique, disappearing 9 patch, and a class just for kids, too. There's a book signing with Carol Loessel. Several vendors will be available for the shoppers among us...that's probably my favorite part!

They've confirmed that they'll be hosting the traveling Hoffman Challenge, a fashion show and have a selection of silent bid baskets in addition to the displays of quilts to enjoy. Hope to see you there!

For more information, please contact RSVP at 260-925-0917 or email rsvp at locl dot net

Speaking of quilt shows, I'm pleased to tell you about Marjorie's upcoming trunk show. For those of us with quilty friends out west, be sure to let them know. Marjorie's site is called Applique Addict. It's a wonderful blog with great projects including a fun states quilt that she's working on in reds & whites.
Details for her trunk show can be found here. Oh, I wished I lived closer!!

Another great site I've been meaning to tell you about is Marla's new blog. I mentioned Marla's work with hospitalized children not too long ago.  A couple followers were kind enough to send fat quarters her way. Thank you so much for your generosity. If you'd like to talk with Marla directly or check in on her angel work, please do so at All These Things.

As with any post, you're always free to contact me regarding any of the above sites & activities.

Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,

152 & Redo Plans for 151


I've been up since 5 am this morning, so I decided to go ahead and whip up a simpler block. This should give me time to at least consider a redo of yesterday's block. I hope I have enough fabric for it!

Happy Quilting,


#151 is Done!


Tic Tac Toe wonkiness is not my favorite block but out of 169, they can't all be our favorites, right? LOL

Happy Quilting,