#153 & Importance of the Backup Plan


This went smoothly, though I chose not to try the Curve Master on it. The center pieces were appliqued and then applied to the pieced background. I have just one more pink block left in the pile! I'll have to save the rest of my pinks for the triangles.

Yes, I've decided to embark on the triangle/kite journey. Call me crazy.


FYI: Just before preparing for BLOCK BLITZ, I had some computer issues that I really didn't
 go into detail about here on the blog. After taking a little time to let it settle, I feel it's important to share the lesson so you can avoid it.

As many of you are aware, I was running the software for THE quilt out of EQ6.  I had no problem doing so for months. When I went to print the final 40 or so blocks, my DJ files in both programs became inaccessible. From what I gathered from the Electric Quilt tech department via email, this is a known EQ problem with no solution.

 Each of my blocks were color coded to match placement in my final quilt. The loss of hours of work cannot be replaced. To clarify, I can still access the original block information but all files that were tailored to my quilt are, for lack of a better word, gone.

Luckily, I am old school & drew my plans with crayons on paper or I'd still be highly upset. I couldn't be more relieved that I had a workable backup plan.

*If you do not have a saved paper copy of your quilt, please print one immediately.*

I've been using the DJ book by Brenda M. Papadakis for my blocks the past few weeks. It's nice to have the book, even if you are printing to your hearts' content. You never know when computer issues will arise---it's the nature of the beast.

Having said all this, I would still purchase the software if I had it to do over again. No doubt, I have saved time using the computer files instead of re-drafting every single block of this amazing quilt.

I recommend purchasing the templates, book & software
{if you're computer savvy & willing to run it as a totally separate program}.

All my best, RETRO-Fabulous readers!



  1. Wow! Sounds like a major snafu! Very nice of you to put the warning out there. I don't own the Electric Quilt, but good to know anyway in case I do someday.

  2. I use the software, but haven't plunged into EQ yet, but it would be really upsetting to have all that work lost. I like the block, it a real cutie.

  3. Hi Heather. Just catching up on all your latest blocks. Love them. You're amazing. I have been fighting getting a new quilting program. Yikes it all seems like more work.

  4. L13 was one of the blocks that I thought the Curve Master might work on. I have been playing with H6 using the CM but I think the pieces are bit too small, it isn't working out too well. Your L13 on the other hand looks fantastic.

  5. Another beautiful one done! Glad you decided on doing the triangles too - it will be an outstandig quilt!
    Sew on :-)

  6. Heather - thanks for sharing the EQ information. I too have a paper trail for my blocks ;)

    Just getting back from vacation and couldn't wait to pop over & see your progress! AWESOME - just as I had expected, Congratulations!

    Happy to hear you will tackle the triangles too! I can't wait to see them made in your cheerful 1930's fabrics!


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