We have VIDEO!

Simplified Needle Turn is helpful for basket handles or vines when you're new to applique, especially for smaller blocks. Your concave line of sewing can be done by machine or by hand, since it won't show...it's just personal preference. 

Once you complete your sewing near the raw edge of the bias, you'll flip and press the bias tape (or bias strip) over the completed line of sewing towards the convex (outer) line of sewing {where you'll hand applique}.

If you choose to try back basting and are fussy cutting your handle or if you're new to working with bias, you'll want to cut your focus fabric large initially, so you have room to line up your print {and/or to keep the bias from stretching until your basting is complete}.

Happy Applique,


  1. Thanks you so much for taking the time to show this. I am new to applique and so far have only done it on my machine. I look forward to your next tut. Linda

  2. Great tutorial! It will be a huge help to new appliquers. It's also interesting to see variations of a technique. Back basting is my fav but I snip and pull an inch or 2 worth of the basting threads in the area I'm stitching so I don't have that extra thread in my way.

  3. You are so smart. I really enjoyed the video. A great way to do a handle! Spiffy.


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