Wk 9's last block, "stability"

OK, I was really planning to try some curved piecing on this one but then I wanted to finish on the first try and said forget about it! Happily appliqued, this 'lil gem was done in NO time. I paper pieced once I finished the appliqued center. Easy Peasy.

When I finally attempt curved piecing, I think I'll try on bigger blocks. When in doubt, applique!!!

Week 8's F-9

WHEW. Glad to see I'm done with this week's blocks. If I were not following a set schedule, I'd have saved this block for much later on. Needless to say, it's on the re-do list.
I used needle turn applique for both layers and may have tried reverse applique for better (and FASTER) results. To keep up with the group this week, I need to complete one other block and I'll be good to go....I may have time for the midget blocks from sentimental stitches very soon!!! I'm pulling out scraps and printing patterns, getting things prepped.
Happy Quilting!


Mini Block Mania

In an earlier post, I mentioned the Sentimental Stitches site which I adore...and admittedly spend a bit too much time on. In March, a US yahoo group is doing a red/white/blue 30s reproduction mini swap from these wonderful patterns and another group of INTERNATIONAL quilters is scheduled for a mixed 30s from the very same site in April. I'm really looking forward to working with these blocks---they will be my very first block swaps---how exciting! I've been busy looking through my fabrics and pouring over the patterns to find several to do for the swaps...and of course, a couple for me, too.

A big, warm welcome to my followers. One can never have too many creative, quilty and/or crafty friends. Please feel free to leave comments. I truly enjoy them.

In other news, I have successfully avoided F-9 another week and will have to face it soon as it's due next Monday. Hopefully, I'll conquer this nasty little beastie soon and post pictures.

Happy Quilting!


Yes, I Have Been Piecing. WK 8ish

HI everyone! I have not forgotton my little spot on the internet. It's been an especially crazed week but I still managed to get some hexagons cut and a few more JANE blocks done. I'm working ahead of the group while I can because there are a couple mini block swaps coming up very soon and other busy life stuff that tends to get in the way of my quilty time.

I can't sit still for long so I'd like to prep some applique take along projects. If I manage to get a couple more done early this week as planned (which is a big IF) I'll be sure to update again soon.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Quilting.