Mini Block Mania

In an earlier post, I mentioned the Sentimental Stitches site which I adore...and admittedly spend a bit too much time on. In March, a US yahoo group is doing a red/white/blue 30s reproduction mini swap from these wonderful patterns and another group of INTERNATIONAL quilters is scheduled for a mixed 30s from the very same site in April. I'm really looking forward to working with these blocks---they will be my very first block swaps---how exciting! I've been busy looking through my fabrics and pouring over the patterns to find several to do for the swaps...and of course, a couple for me, too.

A big, warm welcome to my followers. One can never have too many creative, quilty and/or crafty friends. Please feel free to leave comments. I truly enjoy them.

In other news, I have successfully avoided F-9 another week and will have to face it soon as it's due next Monday. Hopefully, I'll conquer this nasty little beastie soon and post pictures.

Happy Quilting!

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