Likes & Needs: Figural Ornaments

More of the collection....
DH surprised me with proper ornament containers this year. 
All 7 (that hold 20 each) are full and some  back in cardboard boxes for the year. 

Doing the math?

 Yes, over 200 ornaments 
and I'm just getting started!


I'm mad for the pine cones

and houses

and birds with clips

oooooh and fancy mercury glass icicles
and vintage mercury glass garlands, too.

Yes, please!! 

Can't wait to see what finds the way to my house 
in the coming year.

Happy Collecting,


Vintage Ornaments

I love the bells & started with these.

Just a few indents, always on the hunt for more of these.

Finials, Lanterns and UFO shapes are among my faves, too.

Looks like a long wait for Thanksgiving 2012----the day I get them all out again 
{and probably when I'll add a few more}.



It's hard to say goodbye.

Until next year.


The tree is down now, 2011 reduced to memories.

The garland featured some musical ornaments this year...

I think they'll become a tradition.

Garage sale steal (all 5 for $5 BRAND NEW).

The Shiny Brites are last to come down because we have a hard time parting ways for a year.

Photos to follow soon.

Happy 2012!

Wishing you health & happiness for years to come.

All my best,