Triangle 6

Triangle Six, done! Whew!! I had to redo the bottom portion and was happier with the applique on the first version but having pre-cut some background fabric without enough wiggle room, it was too short on the sides of the point. I think from here forward I'll be using a rectangle for the background...or at least, that's my plan.

Happy Quilting,


Just one triangle done

I worked on this one at a quilt club meeting and was too busy chatting to watch my center line. Needless to say it's a little off. When I came home I attempted to finish a yellow one quickly and need to redo the bottom portion so I'm calling it a day. Maybe over the weekend things will go smoother.

A few more countries to add to our list:

Scotland * 

 *The UK is generally in the top 5 number of readers but I'm not sure of the breakdown by country so for now we'll say England and Scotland since they have been confirmed. If you're in Ireland or Whales (or any other country not yet included), please feel free to comment or to email heatherl02 {at} yahoo {dot} com to be added to the list of readers countries.

As some of you are aware, we'll be having a holiday celebration of our "friends around the world" with a short presentation about each country on our list beginning at Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful learning experience for the kids and a fantastic discussion the adults can enjoy, too.

Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,