♡ A Little Applique on the Go Bag ♡

I have a little confession...I've never put in a zipper until today. To be honest, I never needed anything that really required one until I purchased Aneela Hoey's Stitched Sewing Organizers. Let's just say that there are plenty more zippers to come. I've also never worked with vinyl before and it was a bit trying to say the least but I wanted to try some new things and I REALLY wanted a set of bags once I found Aneela Hoey's patterns.
Now, you could purchase them individually online from her blog store but you may find the book is considerably less expensive if you'd like several styles.
Binding is my least favorite activity and clearly I need some practice. Also, the 30s needle case is out of place now that my bag contents can be seen. I'd like a matching one to throw into this case soon. The actual wool felt was out at a couple shops and I cannot work with polyester because it beards terribly long term with a lot of use.  Assuming I can find some without spending an arm and a leg, I'll post the coordinating one ASAP.  For now, I've got the bag and will be glad to take some handwork with me while I'm out and about...and I ♡ LOVE ♡ the feature fabric.

Happy Sewing and Applique,


Some Lovely Modern Staples Join the Stash

I'm oohing and ahhhing over the lovely new arrivals from Pink Castle Fabrics. All of the new goodies will go nicely with the Aneela Hoey prints in an upcoming project. I love the Clover Hollow (top fabrics). I wish I had ordered more and will have to check elsewhere online to see what other shades are available.

Is it just me or does ordering 3 yards of any print seem like so much after working with such tiny pieces that a fat eighth used to feel like a lot a fabric?

In any case, stocking up to refill the stash has been a lot of fun. I think the rest of the summer I'll have to behave. More Heather Ross debuts in November...and I can hardly wait!! 😉

Happy Stash Shopping/Collecting/Obsessing,


Essex Yarn Dyed Goodness Arrives

Oh my! Loving the Essex Yarn Dyed goodies that have arrived. The box was so big, my oldest was convinced it "couldn't possibly be fabric". 😁  Hahahaha yeah, right, that's actually just the first of two. 
In all seriousness, I found this great line through the Aneela Hoey blog and am so glad because it will go beautifully with her prints in an upcoming project. There are so many more colors to add. Off to do some more browsing...

Happy Shopping,


Heather Ross Prints & Noodlehead's Handmade Style

Two lovely new additions to the sewing room books. I'm in absolute love with the Heather Ross Prints and Anna Graham's (Noodlehead Blog) Carry All Pincushion pattern. ♡ I cannot wait to whip some of these goodies up.

Happy Sewing,


What's in the Bag?

I emptied my old applique bag to show you what I keep on hand for practice blocks and teaching multiple shapes. Nothing was added or removed, this is what I use to teach individual applique lessons if the student has previous handwork experience.

The block pattern was a free one from Sentimental Stitches a long time ago as part of Gay's free midget blocks. Those are now only available for purchase if you did not download during the trial period. For those of you interested in back basting, I learned this technique from Gay's site (link to Sentimental Stitches will take you right there) and never looked back! It's awesome!

The small zip bag next, going clockwise, includes bits of old scraps for the next bloom or the scrap bin. The various threads are next with thimbles galore but I don't usually them, they're optional for newbies. You'll see what I lovingly refer to as the caca scissors (pink handle) for cutting paper/card stock, a couple pair of old small Ginghers, applique pins (also for newbies), a my DJ 30s selvage needle case (free tutorial linked), and a coin purse for odds and ends. 

I'll be adding the new needles I've yet to try (Roxanne's) and some of the melons soon before I make more circles (shape 2). Since I have new to quilting/applique/handwork folks in this group, I'm approaching it differently by shape and method. It's fun so far! Feel free to join in any time. 
Please don't judge too harshly, these are quick stitches just to show the method. You'll notice the contrasting dark thread---that's for back basting---a PIN FREE method!! ♡

Happy Applique,


Essex Yarn Dyed Swatch Collection Card Arrives

Oh wow! I was one of just 13 lucky people who snagged an Essex Yarn Dyed Swatch Collection Card from a favorite online shop as soon as they posted it last week. I am so excited, it's chock full of such goodness! I wish it had arrived before ordering a few but am lucky to get my hands on some as popular as these beautiful fabrics are right now.
Speaking of snagging popular fabrics, I found some Heather Ross froggies in the middle of the night and ordered right away. It's part of the 20th anniversary fabrics but were already sold out when ordering yardage from a few shops. I have 2 fat quarters but I'm trying not to dip into the FQ sets for now...we'll see how long that lasts. I still have a few more from that line arriving this week (I hope). OOOH SO cute!!

In case you were wondering, no, I'm not purchasing these adorable fabrics for kids. They're for me (the big kid) and I cannot wait to put them to use.

Happy Sewing, Fabric Collecting, and Whatnot,