Viking Progress & update

The Viking has been calling my name. It runs smoothly, fairly quietly, and it's really nice to have a modern machine with free video tutorials available online whenever the mood strikes. I am truly looking forward to some machine piecing soon. The bobbin winding might be slightly confusing for some folks without the help of a computer to view the tutorials on. I'll be honest, my sight isn't what it used to be and trying to figure things out from my phone can be challenging under normal circumstances. However, switching to the laptop made all the difference. It's easy peasy once you practice once...12 full bobbins later, I've got this. :)

I'm still putzing around with masks and may make another tweak or two this weekend to finalize the pattern. Those of you on FB may have already seen the preview version and my glasses are still not fogging up, super excited about that. This week munchkin and I ventured out to the local big box craft store (local quilt shop is closed through the 19th) and had a very long wait for some basic supplies and a piece of Indiana University fabric for a couple family members. Purdue fabric is so much cuter (GO BOILERMAKERS!), but to each his own. It looks like a mask making weekend during breaks from grading and answering student emails. Next week is the last full week for students to turn in assignments (YAY!!!!).

In our spare time, the hubs and I personalized graduation signs for our seniors using the Cricut and some blue vinyl. It was some much needed and appreciated nice quality time together. One of these days, I'll have to learn the other functions of that machine (Explore Air 2) and get crafty with it. Do you Cricut and if so, what machine are you using?





Mostly new and yards+, some 1/2 yards

OOOH I'm SO excited!!! The big Fat Quarter box finally arrived today (one of two) and the 30s are starting to look like they've been replenished...not that that will keep me from purchasing a few more pieces, mind you. 

I ooohed and ahhhhed over the Alice in Wonderland. I'd been searching for those since purchasing one thin precut strip while attending the Chicago Quilt Show years ago.

I've also been looking at all of the modern fabrics that escaped my stash during the hiatus and was disappointed to find out Heather Ross is hard to come by and Aneela Hoey next to impossible.  SO---those have moved up my list and the hunt is on. 

There's some Kaffe Fassett, I know that's not every follower's favorite but I was collecting his mostly cool prints for a quilt for my grandmother. She has since passed but truly would have loved the fabrics, I just know it. Many of the pieces are done for the Farmer's Wife but my heart just isn't into that project like it was...too soon I think. I'll get back to it at some point and may purchase a piece or two every once in a while to help inspire me. 

I hope you're finding inspiration, getting things done for fun, and making the most of being at home.

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