3 Triangles Remaining!!

LS 8, LS9, LS 10

With just 3 left to go before the corner kites, it won't be long now.

We're still waiting on that first daffodil, though patience is wearing thin.
We're hoping to look out the window in the morning
and see it greeting us in full bloom.

Happy Stitching,


2 Yellows

2 more triangles for the completed list in sunny yellow
...the same color of the daffodils we expect to open
up any moment now.

Happy Stitching,


'Olympic Torch' Completed

Little chicks make up the LS5 'Olympic Torch' triangle for today.
I just finished the tiny applique & couldn't wait to post it.

Tomorrow is a day of rest & relaxation with the family...
though I just might have another tri ready to applique
if I get the urge to do a bit more piecing late tonight.

Happy Stitching,


L4 is Finished!

Another combination triangle for the completed list.
You'll want to be careful with your center pieces.
They are very easy to reverse.

Happy Stitching,

Pink LS3 Combination

 LS 3 applique was finished late last night.

LS4 applique pieces are ready to go but I ran out of steam around midnight.
I'm hoping to get to that one later today.

Happy Stitching,


2 for Today

LS1 & LS2

A day of sewing leads to the completion of a challenging LS1
and fairly quick LS2, with LS 3 partially complete.
Happy Stitching,


Ah, the Age of Technology!

Triangles weren't included on my original spreadsheet,
so I've been keeping a running tally on paper.
Plugging the tally into the spreadsheet today, I realized
that when I lost my precious hard drive,
I also lost a current piece count for my DJ blocks.

Good Grief!

Thanks to the blog, I have a starting point on the main blocks
but will be double checking the figures when I start
sashing & constructing my top.
If you are using a computer based spreadsheet...
you may want to back it up or at least keep a hard copy.

And if I were doing it again, I'd use the full top spreadsheet, whether
planning to include triangles or not.
I changed my mind about them----you may, too.


You can download your free DJ Spreadsheet at Janiac.com