Farmer's Wife

Yay! Mr. Fabulous watched the kids & helped with dinner 
so I could have a bit of time in the sewing room.
One done and it feels great.
I've been missing the colorful Kaffe fabrics, the FWQAL blocks
{and playing in polka dots, too}.

Happy Stitching,

Treasure, Aye Matey!

I found a locked box at a garage sale and had to open it up and find out what was inside.
Once I did, I clutched the box and couldn't wait to bring it home. 

Can I just say I love wooden spools? I'm not sure where my fascination came from but they're so much cooler than plastic. It's so nice to add a few to my little stash. 
Thimbles?? Seriously...is there such a thing as too many? 
I love all sizes, ones I'll never use, metal, plastic, themed or not. 
The new additions have me completely giddy.

Vintage needle cases, too?? A box of goodness on a slow sewing week is just the boost I need to get back to my projects. 

 Now if only I'd have purchased her iron collection.... 


Hexi Love

Long before I started blogging, there were a couple projects that I started. 
I even finished a couple....but not my favorite one.
Sorting this weekend found me nostalgic for my very first pieced project, 
a grandmother's flower garden.

It could have a bit to do with the 
{or, it could just be that I am trying to avoid my Jane}.
Ok. Maybe both.