Let there be FEET!

I don't know if you've ever attempted to make French macarons,

but my middle needed cookies for a school project and
(after talking him out of the fresh crepes he REALLLY wanted)
he decided on macaroons.
Macaroons are the American version and 
a completely different cookie than the French classic.

So, some experimentation was in order.
This is our second attempt...
the base bubbles are called 'feet'
and apparently, they're not a real macaron without them.
But I wouldn't have known that without scouring the internet
since I've yet to travel to France.

 The first batch is chocolate with chocolate fudge filling...again, not my idea. 
They're decadent and soft (and footless).
 But the kids at school won't judge too harshly.
{I hope}.

It turns out feet aren't just decorative...the meringue 
has a completely different texture with them...
a difference you can taste, for sure.
So, let there be 'feet'! 

For the second batch, we're playing with berry concoctions
and coloring...
blueberry, raspberry & strawberry (my fave so far).
The filling is thinner than I'd like, so more 
experimentation is needed...
But I haven't heard any of the taste testers complaining.

All my best,

PS You might have noticed the cookie has a blueish appearance----that's no accident. 

to our good friends Shelly & Ruben, 
currently awaiting the arrival 
of their little BOY!!!


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