THE *JANE* Supply List

The DJ Supplies List {as I see it}

  • A good seam ripper.
  • Background fabric---more than I'd care to admit.
  • Focus Fabric---an obsession like no other if you're using a unique fabric for each block & triangle.
  • YLI Silk Thread and more cotton thread than you could imagine. I started keeping the spools before I switched to cones and am still not done. lol
  • LOTS of filled bobbins at the ready.
  • Applique needles, machine needles and eventually quilting needles.
  • The BOOK by Brenda Papadakis---even if you choose to go the EQ software route.
  • DJ templates by EZ Quilting & Brenda Papadakis.
  • Software, should you decide to use it also requires lots of ink and tons of paper. I think I have an overflowing recycling bin at this point.
  • A new pack or two of flat head pins and a box of Clover applique pins
  • Fray Check
  • Freezer paper
  • F&P pencils
  • Clover mini iron & a standard iron that will get a work out.
  • Dritz Point Turner/Presser
  • A needle case for handwork on the go & little scissors.
  • Scissors, shears, rotary cutter & replacement blades.
  • If you go in spurts of mass production, you may also need a sewing machine tune up, just so you are aware. I'd get the check up first, but hindsight is 20/20.
  • Speaking of vision, you'll want to get your eyes checked out before working with the ridiculously tiny applique needles. Seriously. I have new glasses just for applique, but I'm 40....so proceed at your own risk.
  • An organization system of some kind. There are various ways to do this, check a few suggestions before committing to one and continue it throughout your journey.
  • A method for journaling and a pat on the back for each level of achievement and a can-do attitude.

Additional RESOURCES for Jane:

JANIAC LIST of BLOGS *check out Pip's blog there...and mine, too!*
THAT QUILT for some visual guidance
Dear Jane: where you can sign up for the listserve,
find helpful hints & purchase Jane goodies
and the new to Jane page HERE.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Good one - my organizing system is a small binder (half of the standard size) - actually it is two binders, where each block has a little "bag" originally meant for CDs. Labeled and neat :) which is not very like me, but I am very glad I did it!

  2. Ha ha Heather, we must be channelling each other, I have nearly the same list started as an addition to my Dear Jane page, but if it is all right with you I will just put a link through to your post (no need to re-invent the wheel)

    I never thought of using Fray check until after I had finished them all, it would have been so helpful. Another thing I found useful was a Sewline glue pen http://www.sewline-product.com/Sewline_Fabric_Glue_Pen
    very handy for holding tiny bits of fabric.

  3. The only thing I would add is my bifocals. LOL!

    Great list!

  4. I love how the seam ripper is at the top of the list! LOL. You're not going to believe this, but I do not have a seam ripper in my Dear Jane hand piecing basket. It's not that I don't make mistakes, I do, or that I don't have a seam ripper, for some reason I just use the needle or a pin to remove the stitches. I'm going to put a seam ripper in my basket right now, as that is just plain weird! :)

  5. If I ever really had any inkling to try a Dear Jane, that list certainly cured me of the urge. I will continue to live vicariously through you.


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