Favorite Things: Silk Thread

Where oh where do you find your silk thread? I've been purchasing mine at Erica's when I visit South Bend, IN and they do have an online shop but I really enjoy being there. It's divine. Unfortunately, it is not close. I've also purchased spools at quilt shows including the Chicago Show not so long ago---pardon the Seuessian moment.

Local shops are not carrying silk thread and now that I've tried it I don't want to use anything else, hence the Favorite Things title....and the song running through my head as we speak. =)

I asked a YLI rep where I could get the best prices on their amazing silk thread. This wonderful little link to Speed Stitch (YAY!) was provided.

Happy Quilting (or should I say Shopping?!)


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing that link for YLI silk thread! It has been difficult to find it locally. Just checked them out and their prices are great!


  2. The prices do look good, a shame that the OZ dollar has dropped so much, otherwise I would be buying some for sure.

  3. I like silk thread too for my Dear Jane applique.

  4. Thanks for the tip!!! I LOVE the YLI silk thread. The combination of this thread and the fact I can use tiny needles (11's) stitches are nearly invisible. My LQS carries a limited number of colors, so I finally broke down and paid full retail price in order to get fuschia and yellow.

  5. I bought mine online, got a mulitpack of neutrals. Now let me think where...
    I'm pretty sure it was Superior Threads. Yes, I'm 99% sure.


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