Congratulations to my students who made it to the second round in 
medical terminology and epidemiology at the state level! 
I'm SO proud of each of you!!

Congratulations to our 3rd place winner in the 
state interviewing competition! We're thrilled to hear 
that you are moving on to the 
National Competition!!!!!

As a first year teacher, I cannot even begin to put into words how proud 
I am of all of my students. They have been willing to work 
after school and on their own to prepare for their very first 
HOSA-Future Health Professionals events. 

I know how hard you have worked and the 
countless hours it took to get us here. Knowing that each of you have 
exceeded my high expectations and moved on to inspire others 
makes me feel so blessed to work with you on a daily basis. 

For those of you unfamiliar with our school program, 
students have the opportunity to receive an Associate's degree 
upon completion of high school. Students are dedicated to success, choosing a challenging program path while still in middle school. 

Health Science ROCKS and so do my kids!!!



Final Touches

Tinsel made on the tree after all and a few "new" ornaments made it, too. 

This week is flying by as I have a lot of school duties to attend to. 
We're heading out to see Star Wars this afternoon for some mommy bonding time. 

I can't wait!

I sincerely hope that this Christmas season brings you joy, beautiful memories, friendships rekindled and good health. 

Best Wishes to you and yours from all of us at the fab household,


2015 is FLYING by!

I spent the time before Thanksgiving break organizing my classroom and bringing in a few Christmas decorations.  New pencils in winter designs and bling were a huge hit when we returned to class. I picked up another couple of classes in recent weeks so I am spending a lot of time preparing for classes these days. My posts will be few and far between as a result.

Munchkin has been a busy bee helping with the various mini trees and placing ornaments on the big tree this year! A few new ornaments arrived in the mail the other day and we ooooohed and aaahhhhed together in harmony. It's not quite finished yet but I had a few minutes available to post. We still have several cases of ornaments to look through and the heated debate over tinsel continues. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas season and a very Happy New Year!
All my best, 


More goodies for class!

DH was kind enough to pick up a whiteboard for me so I don't have to erase mine and re-write several times each class. It will really save me some prep time each and every day.

The room is starting to come together with a few little touches. I plan to bring my orchids and remaining bins this week. The students had a great time playing medical terminology JEOPARDY this week. I'm thrilled with their progress in just 3 days! MY STUDENTS REALLY ROCK!!!!

Looking forward to an awesome school year.
Heather :)


Deal of the Week

Target had a beautiful selection of brightly colored plain notecards with envelopes. It has 100 of each, I believe. I had a $3 off coupon, making the final cost under $13. They will make terrific welcome back to school notes for my classes.
Happy Back to School Shopping!