Shamrocks Adorn Us

These clips were so much fun to make, 
thanks to a fantastic tutorial by Christina Williams.
I purchased the smallest set of covered buttons for this project, using
some Judie Rothermel 30's prints {shamrocky, of course!!} 
so we can be festive tomorrow. 
The first set of small covered buttons
I purchased had teeth on the top's underside,
hoping the newer set looks a little smoother around the edges.
Oh, the possibilities!

Happy Crafting
& a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day,



  1. I've got everything I need to make these. I'm going to make some for Allison. Nice post.

  2. And happy St. Patrick's to you too!!!
    Glad you liked my rose, I can take the credit for that. I don't have the roses I use to have tho. I just have a few now a days. We have a lot more foodables now a days. All-tho in the 80's we had a big food garden too!!
    The little barrettes you made are very pretty!!! You don't have gray hair like I do so you are a lot younger I would guess? Yes?


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