Make Your Own Sanding Sugar!

Warm wishes from our family to yours this St. Patrick's Day.

We're having some luck of the Irish cake to start of our morning...
{not too shabby for gluten free vanilla}
but to spice it up and make it a bit more festive,
I added a sugar shamrock to each piece.

If you are ever in need of a bit of sanding sugar 
but don't have the color you'd like on hand,
save yourself a trip to the grocery store 
{and the $2.59 for a small container of single color}.
It's SO easy!

All you need is some turbinado sugar
(always on hand in our pantry in the individual packets)
and some food coloring.
Open a few packets of sugar and place them into a bowl. 
Add a drop of the food coloring and mix well with a fork. 
When all your liquid is absorbed, add another drop at a time until 
you have the amount of sugar you need and the exact color you're looking for. 
It's Easy Peasy. 
 Enjoy this little tip for year round sugar,
just the way you like it.


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