Final Pink Castle Fabrics Order Arrives

The final June order of modern basics arrived. The next orders will include zippers, a few Pellon products, wool felt and some new feet for the Viking until school starts back up as I try to behave for a while.

Wish me luck!
I've been waiting on a few prints for the Aneela Hoey bags and I have to say they're even better than I imagined. LOVE that!
I made another matching see it all bag and I think there are still a couple adjustments that would be helpful for me...but I did get to use the Viking for part of it. YAY! I didn't order a zipper foot for it yet but now it's a must. One of the quilt shops out in West Lafayette was supposed to be pricing a huge list of feet for me but no response yet. I'll have to follow up on that later this week.

It was a lovely sunny day and I was able to run a couple errands in the convertible. Oh the sunshine felt soooo amazing! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Happy Sewing,

PS I'm waiting on a photographer/videographer to tape some applique. If you're in the group and want to see back basting or need some reminders about freezer paper, please check out the old videos while you wait. The freezer paper method is my favorite for vines/basket handles, not in general.

The videos were specific to the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along and were requested by several forum members at the time but I rewatched them and they're still a good overview. Our video and photos on the cell phone have improved in a decade, thankfully. Please bear with some shakiness since it's such small work. Also, if you're having issues, I can do a zoom meeting on Saturday if you're learning applique with the group. Please just let me know by Friday so I can send everyone an invitation.

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