Making Templates & Freezer Paper Melons

Some supplies you'll need for this segment of the project:
freezer paper
sharp scissors
template with seam allowance
template plastic or heavy card stock
sharp pencils
Light box (optional)

When you gather your supplies, make sure you have access to good lighting to complete these tasks or a light box. If you do not have a light box, you can use a clear craft box or plastic bin turned upside down, placing your phone flash light or other light source underneath.
You'll want to make a template the actual size of the melons first.
To do this, use template plastic or thin cardboard/heavy cardstock. If you are using clear template plastic or the cloudy type, you can lay the plastic over the yellow-green template to trace the shape with a sharp pencil. Your light box will make this process a little easier. If you're opting not to use template plastic, use some freezer paper to trace it (on the paper side, not the plastic side) and iron the freezer paper to the cardboard (recycled cereal box cardboard is perfect). Either way, carefully cut around your melon shape with sharp craft scissors (not fabric scissors). You may want to make several actual size templates at this point in case they are bent, accidentally cut, or you lose them.
If you use sharpie and want to remove the
remaining lines, use rubbing alcohol on
gauze for the best results.
Once your actual size templates are complete, trace the melons on your freezer paper (paper side, not plastic side), nesting them if at all possible. I cut inside the line for the best results using craft scissors. If your actual size template is a little off, that's ok. As long as it's consistent, even an eye for straight will usually look past it. It doesn't have to be perfect, basic applique provides a lot of leeway.

When your freezer paper (actual size) templates are complete, iron the plastic side down to the BACK of your fabric on the bias by placing the shape corner to corner on the 5" charm. Check the first couple with the original template to be sure you have plenty of seam allowance room. Cut on the seam allowance line around each melon.

I tend to cut scant seams without checking the template. For beginners, please be sure to cut the full seam allowance on the original template. You can always trim a bit more later but you can't add any if you need to. :)
Ironing your seams for freezer paper method. If you have a clover type craft iron, plan to use it. I'll show you how to work with that and the regular iron to complete the melon shaped prep.

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