Week 4 Pictures & the iron issue

Well, well, what do you know? My favorite iron I've had for years is leaving orange to brown stains on my background fabric----let's just say I'm not really happy about that. I must need more practice on this week's blue floral block that looks like an eye! I'm thinking it will be more fun the second go round----or should I say hoping?

I'm so glad to figure out what the problem was, though. I tore apart my ironing board, bought a new cover, was worried it was my background fabric, etc. I have about 8 yards of white and it's the Kona 108" width...so I was very concerned when I saw the spots, especially considering a dozen blocks were complete when I saw unplanned polka dots. LOL! In the mean time the wonderful DH has a temporary solution and I have my clover for the applique this week. I've never done needle turn before. It looks like JANE will give me a lot of practice very soon.

Am I the only one who shops around a while for an iron? I don't use it often on clothing but I'm so particular about the weight, settings, style that I think I could do another few entries on iron criteria!! I usually go for the Rowentas, but we'll see what I come up with this time. It looks like the warranty my Rowenta Professional is just a year----so time to shop for a new one.

WISH ME LUCK Quilt-Fabulous Friends!!

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